10 tips for visiting Havana, Cuba, from toilets to taxis!

1. The city is a maze, and there are no standard addresses! Throughout Havana, there are five majors neighborhoods Centra Habana, Habana del Este, La Habana Vieja, Miramar, and Vedado. Although the city is easy to walk around and not very big, you can easily get lost if you are expecting to see clear addresses.Continue reading “10 tips for visiting Havana, Cuba, from toilets to taxis!”

Extra time near Sequoia National Park?

I don’t love cats, but I loved Cat Haven! On our summer trip to Sequoia National Park, we had a little extra time one morning, and we wanted to check out Cat Haven. We only knew about it from passing the signage on the way into Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, but we haveContinue reading “Extra time near Sequoia National Park?”

Are you brave enough for Bottomless Lakes State Park?

You’ll never see the bottom of this gorgeous, secluded lake in New Mexico! An absolute gem hidden near the outskirts of Roswell, New Mexico, you will be hard-pressed to find anything like this oasis in the entire region. This lake, with Caribbean like greenish blue waters, will surprise you as you travel through a desertContinue reading “Are you brave enough for Bottomless Lakes State Park?”

7 Dos and Donts at Big Bend National Park

1. Do Check Out the Chisos Mountain Lodge Area You might be looking for a break from the heat during your stay in Big Bend National Park. We highly recommend heading up to the area near the Chisos Mountains Lodge for a welcome reprieve from the heat. In November, we definitely needed long sleeves upContinue reading “7 Dos and Donts at Big Bend National Park”

Big Bend Ranch State Park

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread; places to pray in and stay in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul. — John Muir Big Bend Ranch State Park is an extraordinary experience. It easily rivals its younger sister park Big Bend National Park. We found the quiet and rugged wildernessContinue reading “Big Bend Ranch State Park”