It’s Bluebonnet Time, Y’all!

Why do we take pictures in bluebonnets one Texas? Cuz we’re Texan, y’all! It’s true! We really do this with our families during the spring! There are certainly regions of Texas that don’t have these flowers in the spring, but it’s the state flower. So, it’s iconic everywhere. The Hill Country is probably the mostContinue reading “It’s Bluebonnet Time, Y’all!”

Buying an RV?: Navigating the Dealership Traps

Hello everyone! We bought our second RV last year, and we wanted to share some tips with you. There will certainly be a variety of opinions on this, but here is our experience. 1. Find a great sales person who is also an RV enthusiast! Honestly, we worked with two sales people and the differenceContinue reading “Buying an RV?: Navigating the Dealership Traps”

5 things we learned booking our first long term stay!

With the massive Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo coming up, we decided to take the opportunity to book a place near downtown Houston – for a month! Brian works a lot at the rodeo, and Candace and the boys love to head in for the day to experience the excitement and energy of the space.Continue reading “5 things we learned booking our first long term stay!”

Can you guess how many states we have seen this year?!

It has been a whirlwind adventure of travel for us this year. We purchased our first RV in May, and we have already been to see so many incredible places. Before you read any further, put your guess in the comments! This weekend, we decided to install our new map of the states on theContinue reading “Can you guess how many states we have seen this year?!”

Do you know this travel hack?

We get asked a lot how we come up with our action packed trip itineraries with our family. Good planning in advance and flexibility on the road are key. Once we set our key destinations, we really work backwards from there to hit some great spots. However, once the plans are made, we don’t stressContinue reading “Do you know this travel hack?”

5 RV Maintenance Tips

After a huge season of traveling across the country, it is time to spend a couple of days taking care of basic maintenance on our 32 foot travel trailer named Millie! This year, we have traveled from coast to coast and as far as south as Big Bend to New York City in the north.Continue reading “5 RV Maintenance Tips”

4 Road Trip Survival Tips!

Long road trips can really wear out anyone! After driving coast to coast and North to South across the US in just six months, we are the experts at passing the hours joyfully and skipping the haggard days of hauling. Here are four go-to tricks we use on EVERY road trip. 4. Eat fresh, realContinue reading “4 Road Trip Survival Tips!”