4 New Favorite Finds for May 2020 COUNTDOWN!

We are asked a lot about our favorite products to take on our many RV trips. Here is the first installation of our new monthly post about all of our favorite finds! These items have slowly made our RV experience so much easier! We love finding these amazing products and sharing them!

Countdown to our favorite items begins!

#4 Tongue Latch Lock

As soon as we take the truck off, this lock goes on! Crime is usually based on convenient opportunity. A simple lock like this is easy and a great deterrent. It is stored on the side storage compartment with our other setup gear. Brian is a security expert, so this is a cheap and easy way to make a big difference. Encourage a criminal to move on with an easy deterrent like this one!

Link here: https://amzn.to/2LiXiUu

#3 “Stinky Slinky” Bumper End Caps

Game changing!! As we prepare to leave a park, we simply put the sewer hose in the bumper and allow it to continue airing out as we drive. You use these end caps to allow airflow through the hose while you’re driving. Brian added an extra step by drilling a hole through the skirting and one through the top of the endcap in order to secure the item. This is a brilliant way to air out the hose and reduce contact with other items in your storage area. This switch is easy and perfect for our travels!

Link here: https://amzn.to/3ctyx3N

#2 LED Flares

These back up friendly flares will help anyone pull and conveniently to a spot at night (or during the day). Unfortunately, we have a bad habit of finding ourselves trying to squeeze into complicated spots late at night especially on our long-haul trips. These LED flares seriously helped reduce confusion and frustration in the process. So easy to use! There is a reason this product has only 5 star reviews. It is brilliant. We can’t stress enough how much easier your park set up will become.

Link here: https://amzn.to/2WpEzgb

#1 Liquid Tank Deodorizer

We have told you about this great product before, but we like these small single use bottles better than the packets. The packets worked great for a long time, but recently some waster must’ve gotten into the compartment, and it’s just a huge mess of semi open packets. The single use bottles make it much easier. You just open it up and put the liquid through the sink furthest away from your grey tank. Just let it sit until your next adventure, and it will clean and deodorize your tanks while you’re gone.

Link here: https://amzn.to/3cDess5

These are our May 2020 discoveries! What are your favorite RV products?

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We are family living in Texas, who LOVE to travel. We have been all over Europe, Asia, and Central America. Now, we are heading throughout the US with our children!

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