5 Fresh Ideas – Meal Planning for your Weekend Away!

We all love those burgers and hot dogs, but it can get old if you are going to the same meals every time you head out for a trip. These are a few unexpected options that we LOVE on our RV trips. Yes, of course, we still love a good burger on the grill, but these are great options for something different. Candace calls it “semi-homemade.” Each of these can be prepared in just a few minutes with little effort.

1. Chicken Sliders with “Cane’s” Sauce

These are a huge hit! Just prepare the chicken sliders as directed and add them to the Hawaiian rolls with a pickle and some sauce. These are from HEB, but many different types will work just fine. We have always loved the sauce from a local restaurant called Cane’s Chicken Fingers, so Candace has been perfecting her own version for years. She uses mayo and ketchup (2 to 1), then you season with garlic powder, salt, pepper, and Worcestershire to taste. It is amazing! The pickle here is a key ingredient. We like Claussen the best.

2. Chicken Sausage with Pasta

Again, this meal will feel like you worked a long time in the kitchen, but it is easy, healthy, and tastes great. You can also substitute the pasta for zucchini or other veggies if you are watching those carbs. Just slices up the chicken sausage (this one is from Trader Joe’s), and then lightly brown it in a saucepan. Simmer with the tomato sauce and add the prepared pasta. Easy!

3. Gyoza Soup

This is easily our favorite meal. It is healthy, filling, and delicious! It may sound unusual, but this is very similar to a wonton soup at a typical Chinese restaurant. The dumplings are like a potsticker. We fell in love with gyoza during our trip to Japan, and we have brought the tradition home!

These ingredients are from Trader Joe’s, but you can find similar items anywhere. Just prepare the dumplings as directed, and then add the broth and bring to a simmer. It makes an amazing soup! You can easily substitute chicken broth as well, also phenomenal. This edamame is brilliant and easy. We can’t get enough. I was shocked at how low calorie this meal can be!

4. Orange Chicken with Jasmine Rice

Ok, sorry, y’all. No substitutions here. You MUST get this rice and orange chicken from Trader Joe’s. Candace finds all other frozen Asian meals very sub par. This stuff is award winning and quite famous for a reason. You will love it. Either bake or pan fry as directed. Then, you similar microwave the rice. We swear it will come up moist and sticky just like the best rice out there. It is a game changer.

5. Steam in a bag veggies!

Chips may be convenient, but they can get old fast. Steam in bag vegetables are awesome as a side to just about any dish. We eat everything from cauliflower and broccoli to sugar snap peas and butter nut squash. It couldn’t easier, and you feel so much better than when you eat processed foods.

What are your unexpected go-to meals in the RV?

Stay tuned for more ideas for breakfast!

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We are family living in Texas, who LOVE to travel. We have been all over Europe, Asia, and Central America. Now, we are heading throughout the US with our children!

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