Long Term Stay… Take 2!

After the cancellation of the beloved the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, we had to change our plans. we are very glad to report that the amazing management team at Lakeview RV resort in Houston willingly prorated our stay at the park. I imagine quite a few other rodeo guests also received refunds at great cost to the company. We deeply appreciate this gesture of goodwill and will be back again next year.

We really enjoyed the resort from ping pong to pool time! Candace ran the crushed granite track a few times, and we used the outdoor kitchen several times. The place is amazing!

Since the schools are closed and everyone is being encouraged to work remotely during the outbreak of this vicious virus, we have brought Millie the TT up to our land in the country! Brian is on week three staying here, and Candace and the boys are starting week two. We think one month counts as a long-term stay. No idea if there is an actual measurement out there!

All of our amazing state parks in Texas are still open, so get out there and enjoy nature while we social distance ourselves! We have enjoyed some great family hikes and runs during our semi-quarantine.

We invested in a few additional items for the RV for this long stay. Stay tuned, and we will let you know what worked and what didn’t!

Published by brawnerology

We are family living in Texas, who LOVE to travel. We have been all over Europe, Asia, and Central America. Now, we are heading throughout the US with our children!

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