Can you guess how many states we have seen this year?!

It has been a whirlwind adventure of travel for us this year. We purchased our first RV in May, and we have already been to see so many incredible places. Before you read any further, put your guess in the comments!

This weekend, we decided to install our new map of the states on the door of Millie! Each person got to go one at a time choosing their favorite states to add onto the door. We did technically drive through Georgia for a few minutes, but we decided that didn’t count.

Candace found this great map on Amazon. Here is a link if you are interested.

RV State Travel Map – United States Camper Map RV Decals for Window, Door, or Wall ~ Includes 50 State Decal Stickers with Scenic Illustrations See Many Places

Be sure to really clean the surface you have chosen for the map. Then, installation can be a little tricky, so line up the edges very carefully before you place each state.

We made a line with painters tape and a level to be sure the map would be level once we stuck it on the door.

Travis’ first pick was Arizona because he loved Saguaro National Park so much! Brian went for California, and Clay loved debating between Arkansas and Tennessee for his favorite. Candace chose New York not because it was her favorite but because it was the most unique out of all the adventures for the year.P

Our travel trailer does not have a lot of flat surfaces on the outside, so the door was an easy choice for us. Traveling so many miles across the United States this year we got to see all kinds of different ways people display their adventures.

What is your guess? We certainly went from sea to shining sea and Deep South nearly to the northern border!

Drum roll please… 16!

Well, how did you do?! Any winners?

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We are family living in Texas, who LOVE to travel. We have been all over Europe, Asia, and Central America. Now, we are heading throughout the US with our children!

10 thoughts on “Can you guess how many states we have seen this year?!

  1. We have the same map! And we’re up to 19. Our plans for next summer are Colorado, which means we probably won’t add any new states (we did Mesa Verde last summer so we’ve done Colorado), but that’s ok. We’ll still add at least four new national parks to our collection.

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  2. We have a magnetic map that holds those little souvenir magnets. To date, we’ve been in every state except New Mexico (which we’ll hit on the way home this winter), and Hawaii. We’ve also been in all of the Canadian provinces except the Maritimes, so there are a few bucket list places in North America for us to explore. Fun keeping track, isn’t it? I didn’t guess because I got involved in reading your post 😊


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