4 Best Drinks in Havana

4. Bloody Mary’s, Cuban Style

It may seem surprising, but we loved having these flavorful Bloody Mary’s full of herbs and veggies. The basil was a different variety than we have in the US. It tasted like a cross between basil and celery. Completely new flavor, but it went so well with the Bloody Mary!

3. Mojitos

Just about everywhere we went, Candace had a mojito! You won’t find any premixed drinks here. Every single one, from nice restaurants to beach side stands, served fresh, crisp mojitos.

The cold refreshing mint provided the perfect break from the heat!

2. Cuba Libre

It may sound like a strange combination, but this stellar local drink did not disappoint!

Ice cold rum, Coke, and lime kept us going through the soaring temps in downtown Havana!

1. Cristal, local beer

You must try the local beer Cristal! It’s cheap and refreshing! You won’t find any American imports, but you can also get a Heineken most places; however, we always drink the local favorites!

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