Extra time near Sequoia National Park?

I don’t love cats, but I loved Cat Haven!

On our summer trip to Sequoia National Park, we had a little extra time one morning, and we wanted to check out Cat Haven. We only knew about it from passing the signage on the way into Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, but we have three cat lovers in the family and had to check it out. We researched a bit online, and the reviews were good. We did think (based on the pictures) that we would get to interact personally with the cats, which wasn’t the case. However, everyone was glad we chose this excursion.

We started the morning with a cheetah run!

We started the day with a cheetah run! It was an extra cost, but we got a close-up and personal look at a morning exercise and social routine for the cheetahs. The played games and got in lots of running time. We also got to see them eat breakfast.

Cats, cats, cats

There are a huge variety of cats at Cat Haven and all are injured animals which needed homes. They are from all over the world, but each cat can tolerate the climate of the region. Many have friends in their enclosures and get regular social interactions, exercise, and have balanced diets. The facility is large and spacious, and we got an in depth detailed tour from an experienced guide. We all learned so much!

The facility promotes conservation and preservation in native habitats. They are focused on education, youth programs, and outreach, and we saw this first hand during our time at Cat Haven!

Check them out at cathaven.com

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