Are you brave enough for Bottomless Lakes State Park?

You’ll never see the bottom of this gorgeous, secluded lake in New Mexico!

Bottomless Lake State Park, New Mexico

An absolute gem hidden near the outskirts of Roswell, New Mexico, you will be hard-pressed to find anything like this oasis in the entire region. This lake, with Caribbean like greenish blue waters, will surprise you as you travel through a desert to find the cold waters of this small escape.

A sunset here is not to be missed! But, one the best parts is the price! Even the best spot for your RV with full hook-up is still only $18 per night. The spots all have a great view of the cliffs and the water. Each camping site is a short walk right to the lake. You can also hike to the other lakes in the area, but this is the only one that allows swimming.

Sinkholes and Caribbean waters – How is this possible!? Check it out in a paddle boat!

The state park also offers paddle boats for those too nervous to take the plunge. Even on a busy summer day, you won’t see too many other people around. We had the place seemingly all to ourselves. These pictures are from July when you would imagine the place to be packed with tourists at this state park!

This is an image from our RV spot. You can see the ground near the lake entrance is a sandy, rocky texture and has very easy access. The lake is actually formed from sinkholes, and the greenish-blue color is created by a variety of aquatic plants living in the water. These plants, the color, and the depths, which go up to 90 feet, all give the illusion that the lake is bottomless!

Could it be aliens?!

We may never REALLY know, but you can certainly check out the alien conspiracies in nearby Roswell! Bottomless Lakes State Park is only 14 miles from the small city of Roswell, where the theory of aliens in the area is taken very seriously. Enjoy this incredible state park and the fun in Roswell!

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